“Very nice to work with, superb piece of work that went to a good home.”
— Sarah Medcraf CEO Moray Chamber of Commerce – (Private commission for auction)

Late Exchange
90cm x 90cm, acrylic on canvas. The wind scattered sea crushes ashore on the beach at Spey Bay, Morayshire, as the evening sun sets golden fire to the sky. Commissioned for fundraising auction by Moray Chamber of Commerce. 2016. Sold

“I bought one of Daniels pieces, a triptych as part of my wifes 50th Birthday present. My wife was blown away by the piece, she absolutely loves it. It was quite a risk to buy a piece of art for someone else, but quality and talent will always shine through. More than happy with the purchase.”
— Don Kerr – (Veil Alight – Triptych, Acrylics on Canvas)

Veil Alight
3 x 8″x8″ Triptych, acrylic on canvas. My local shoreline as the setting sun bursts through passing cloud. Sold, 2016

“Lucky enough to meet Dan and see his work at Glenfiddich. All the paintings are really special and there was one we just couldn’t walk away from, Eventide, but there could have been more! I get the feeling this is just the start for Dan and wish him the very best for the future”

– Phillip Dickson-Visitor to Exhibition in Glenfiddich (Eventide original)

Acrylic on canvas, 65cm x 85cm. Based on sketches, photographs and plein air painting during August 2016, which saw some of the most dramatic skies I’ve seen over my home. Looking from Portgordon Harbour toward Spey Bay and Lossiemouth. Sold at exhibition at Glenfiddich Distillery.

“Love Dan’s work and am the proud custodian of his painting ‘Violet Gold’ a view of Ordiquish and I love seeing it every time I go up and down the stairs.”
— Peter Reid – (Violet Gold, Acrylics on canvas)

Violet Gold
Acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 8″, View of the river Spey as it makes its way toward the sea past Fochabers. Sold.

“Having known Dan for around 14 years and admired his work adorning his home, I was delighted he decided to once again pick his brushes up and put paint to canvas.
As my husband said earlier, we jumped at the chance to ask for a commission…for us, it’s personal, but Dan has captured what we wished for and more. His description of our amazing painting you can read on his blog, it blew us away.
It dominates our sittingroom and , like Brinny, I gaze at it..more than trice a day…it’s beautiful, thank you Dan.X”
— Fi Wilson Brinton – (Private Commission)

“Dan is an outstanding artist who really captured the essence of what we were looking for in our commissioned painting for 10 years together 7 years married – the painting has pride of place in the front room on the chimney breast…I gaze at it every day which makes me smile :-)”
— Brinny Brinton – (Private Commission)

Created as a commission to celebrate the marriage of two close friends. 2016